How we work

Everyone talks about working “outside the box.” That’s yesterday’s clich√©. We believe there aren’t any boxes. We strive to impart added value beyond the details of the projects which we work, dealing directly with decision-makers willing to pursue innovative avenues to superior results.

Flat out, we’re not for everybody. We work with a limited client list to stay sharp and guarantee we won’t dilute the quality of what we do. We don’t work ad hoc. Instead we anticipate and focus on real needs as they arise and evolve rather than confining our talent, and your result, to the limited expediencies of any particular project.

We’re easy to work with and likely the most user-friendly group you’ll ever meet. MGC is non-layered and deadline sensitive. We outsource select final design elements to save you high overhead costs. We’re just as happy to work with your team and direct your resources in the implementation of the most effective strategies at the best value.


Ongoing consultation – daily availability to advise and consult on project related issues as they arise.

Project punch lists – consistent contact to keep all parties informed and provide timely updates on timelines and progress.

Project management – ensuring fulfillment of established deliverables and managing changing client needs.

Needs management – developing deliverables and timing for new work requests as they arise.

Resource coordination and vendor supervision – coordination and supervision of vendors and suppliers on project-related issues – yours and ours.